We need modern-minded people: Gia Getsadze

“We must reboot justice authorities, because without updating personnel all those reforms, we had announced, could be short-termed and un-efficient. The Ministry of Justice initiated many high quality and necessary changes, but in order to implement them we need modern-minded people. Tasks they need to accomplish - to protect both every single person and the Government’s interests in general, including at international levels”, - emphasized Gia Getsadze.


This Personnel commission meeting has taken place as part of justice reform’s second stage in terms of personnel renewal.


The Commission consisted of the Chairman of the Main Territorial Justice Department in Odessa Oblast Oleksiy Ponomarchuk, Deputy Chairman of the MTJD in Odessa Oblast for State Registration – Head of the state registration department Oleksandr Vasyukov, as well as heads of structural subdivisions.


Heads of territorial justice departments and structural subdivisions in Odessa oblast have been invited to the interview.


Proper level of specialized knowledge, including provision of administrative services to citizens, have been tested during the interview.