The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decided to re-launch initiative meetings to approve the NAPC competition committee, - Pavlo Petrenko

“Realizing that the new anti-corruption authorities should have 100% public confidence, we have decided to re-launch initiative meetings, because any doubts and negative attitude during the formation of these authorities are unacceptable”, - stated the Minister.

He also emphaszied that due to the good will of the competition committee’s members, selected from the public, the Cabinet of Ministers has found a mechanism to re-launch initiative meetings.

“I would like to thank 4 committee members for a truly civil deed, because it’s an example of realization of its great responsibility for those changes that are taking place in the country. Today they have made a joint statement that they are ready to resign from competition committee membership in order to create a mechanism to re-launch initiative meetings”, - the Minister said.

Additionally, the Government has made amendments to the provision, responsible for conducting and forming of the competition commission.

“These amendments provide regulatory grounds to re-conduct r initiative meetings. Apart from that, we have determined precise criteria for inspecting NGOs, who will file applications for initiative meetings. We have also approved an Action plan, which has our actions scheduled by days, in order to conduct initiative meetings and the competition as soon as possible”, - Pavlo Petrenko informed.

He drew particular attention to the fact that forming the NAPC is one of the question pool, provided by appropriate monitoring report regarding visa-free regime with the European Union.

Similarly, according to the Minister, the Government changed its Cabinet of Ministers’ authorized person, responsible for technical assistance in conducting of such initiative meetings.

“Today the Government has appointed First Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine Natalia Sevostyanova to this post”, - he said.

The Minister appealed to the public to rally around the process of open and transparent initiative meetings and take active part in the NAPC members’ selection process.

Pavlo Petrenko informed all present about prolongation of terms to file documents for those citizens, who want to be nominated as members of the anti-corruption agency.

“It is possible to submit documents until forming the competition committee is complete – that is until the beginning of September”, - emphasized the Minister.

One of the public representatives from the competition committee Victor Shlinchak confirmed readiness of all 4 committee’s members, selected from public organizations, to make a resignation in order to re-launch committee’s work.

“Delaying the start of the competition commission and creation of NAPC leads to disruption of the Action plan on liberalization of visa regime with the EU. That is the reason why we decided to resign. To demonstrate public responsibility, honesty and impartiality in forming the NAPC competition commission”, - stated Victor Shlinchak.

In his turn, Deputy Head of Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine Thomas Frellesen emphasized that the process of implementation of reforms in Ukraine can be successful only if problems related with corruption will be resolved appropriately.

“We welcome this decision, which allowed unblocking the situation around NAPC; we welcome constructive approach, demonstrated by all participants of the process”, - stated the EU representative.

In his opinion, NAPC is one of the pillars in combating corruption in Ukraine, and all adopted changes will make this authority’s work more transparent.

“Amendments in the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine regarding organization of the selection process are positive and they provide greater guarantees of selection process’s independence and transparency of this agency’s further work”, - pointed out Thomas Frellesen.

According to the UNDP Deputy Country Director Stefan Liller NAPC will serve as the main founding force of transparency of civil service, Government’s actions and high quality cooperation between civil society and Ukrainian state institutions.

“The Government demonstrated today that it listens to precautions, expressed by this process’s stakeholders, and it is ready to do everything possible to make this process free, transparent and fair”, - stated Sefan Liller.

Transparency International Ukraine’s Chairman of the Board Andriy Marusov has also welcomed efforts made by the Government and the Ministry of Justice on unblocking the crisis and restoring the process of the National Agency for Prevention of Corruption’s development.

“Decisions that have been made today, we hope, will restore trust to this authority. I would like to join the calls to public activists to participate in selection of committee membership. Without active involvement in development of this institution, our fight against corruption won’t be full and effective”, - he summarized.