“We adjust our work, focusing exclusively on citizens”, - Gia Getsadze

“It is nice to see how this Centre’s employees were able to quickly adjust work, focusing exclusively on citizens. There were no queues here. As for consulting services and providing legal information – it is being performed availably and professionally. Undoubtedly, it has been facilitated by previously informing and popularization of electronic services by the Ministry of Justice”, - stated Gia Getsadze.


According to him, the fact that the ASC in Yuzhne, apart from providing services in legal sector, acts as a front-office for the Migration Service of Ukraine, State Agency of Land Resources of Ukraine and the Permission Centre, and that is very important for comfortable services.


“It is the European model of cooperation between authorities and citizens aimed to change the coordinate system and to make every person’s case a case of governmental importance. And Odessa shows positive examples in these matters that should be taken over by other Ukrainian regions”, - stressed the Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine.