Notaires will play one of the key roles in the process of decentralization of registration services, - Pavlo Petrenko

“We are entering the final phase of reforming the Ministry of Justice services system where notaries will play one of the key roles. They have been working in this sector for many years as private subjects and they have an individual approach to every client. Most of the notaries are motivated to ensure that an individual should receive quick and high quality consultation and good service. After all, a satisfied customer will return to the same notary to receive another service”, - stated the Minister.

He pointed out that in case of Parliament’s adoption of the Bill “On state registration of legal entities, natural persons – entrepreneurs and public formations” (№2983) notaries will perform all registration actions related to real estate. Apart from that, they will additionally receive authority to perform business registration.

According to the Minister, apart from additional authority, notary community representatives will receive remuneration – 60% from the administration fee that citizens will pay for the services.

“You get a chance to earn additional money on services you provide to Ukrainian citizens. It all depends on you. If you don’t provide high quality services in a competitive environment, citizens may address any other notary or local government within the region to perform registration”, - stated Pavlo Petrenko.

Only those reforms in citizen service sector will be successful, which won’t depend on who is currently in power. It is possible only when highly professional private subjects, who have experience and willingness to provide quality services, enter the system.

“Notaries are a community that copes well with the tasks entrusted to them for 20 years, regardless of the political situation. I am positive that if you will receive new functions, within the framework of decentralization and the Ministry of Justice public services’ reform, you will worthily perform your work, and the quality of services will become high regardless of who is in charge of ministry or who occupies government offices”, - stated the Minister.

MP Dmytro Starozhuk, in his turn, stated that the bill on transfer of registration functions to new entities is a subject of join work of the Ministry of Justice and MPs.

“This bill was supported by MPs from all fractions of the coalition. We share a common understanding that reforms are necessary and we will move forward with them”, - Dmytro Starozhu stated.

He also pointed out that consideration notary community’s suggestions on improving bills will be the result of today’s discussion.

“Your suggestions will be taken into account in preparing laws for the second reading”, - he said.

During the discussion notaries were interested in conditions of connection to the registers and scope of authority they will have when performing registration actions.  

In the same way, participants have discussed matters of possible training for notaries, who will have problems in working with new registers, and suggested a number of technical amendments to the bill on business registration that allow to avoid inaccuracies or ambiguities in wording.