Interview and announcement of the competition – working results of the personnel committee in Odessa oblast

During the personnel commission’s work 59 heads from 25 regional, city, city district and inter-district justice departments in Odessa oblast have been interviewed. Among them: 12 – justice departments’ heads, 3 – justice departments’ deputy heads, 21 – heads of the registration service and 23 – heads of the state enforcement service.


According to results of the Personnel commission’s meeting a competition is going to be announced to fill in vacant positions.


“In the context of reforming justice authorities, the first thing to do is to reboot the personnel potential, and as for the future competition – its purpose is to attract ambitious, talented, professional young individuals, who are willing and able to change the situation to positive side, as well as introducing new transformations and initiatives”, - stressed the Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine.


All willing may participate on a competitive basis in order to create an effective professional reserve for justice authorities’ managing positions in Odessa oblast and promotion selection of personnel.


Announcement and conditions of the competition are going to be published in “Odesski visti” newspaper and posted on the Main territorial justice department in Odessa oblast official website.