The Government of Denmark will provide 10 million dollars for the development of the justice system and protection of human rights in Ukraine

“According to the working results of the Government, Presidential Administration and the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Denmark announced the launching of a new program that provides technical assistance and financing for our anti-corruption reform – the “Good Governance and Human Rights” program, and Denmark’s Government will provide 10 million dollars for its implementation”, - stated the Minister of Justice.

Allocated funds will be aimed at our ant-corruption policy, criminal justice reform and protection of human rights.

“The Parliament has to adopt a very important package of bills concerning both visa-free regime with the EU and promoting Ukraine’s fight against corruption. Introduction of the special confiscation institute will allow recovery of funds, stolen by previous officials. Additionally, a body, responsible for investigation and managing assets, obtained through corruption, will be formed the same way. It is the institutional establishment of these bodies that our international partners from the Government of Denmark are assisting us with.

The Minister of justice expressed gratitude to Danish Government representatives for highly evaluating the Ministry of Justice accomplishments and expressed hope for further fruitful cooperation in implementing this project.

According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Denmark Kristian Jensen, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine is a key body in implementing reforms in Ukraine, because no reform can be implemented without overcoming corruption.

“Today, we have agreed to provide Ukraine with 10 million dollars support for the “Good Governance and Human Rights” program. This program will improve the justice sector, fight against corruption and support for the Ombudsman office, which will result in improving the human rights’ situation”, - stated Kristian Jensen.